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Differentiated Literacy Instruction


Differentiated Small-Group Lessons
Differentiated Independent Practice

  • Groups are formed with a common need in a skill/strategy based on assessment
  • Lesson templates make it doable
  • Tools of engagement ensure all-student responses
  • Tiered tasks vary in complexity
  • Consistent formats make it sustainable e.g. core weekly tasks, Tic Tac Menus and Choice Boards
  • Tasks are linked to the teaching points in small-group instruction and whole class lessons

Welcome to the website of author and educator, Margo Southall. This site includes consulting information and evidence-based practices to support classroom teachers, reading intervention teachers and literacy coaches in implementing differentiated instruction.

Take a look at the pages with teacher tips and examples for differentiating your literacy centers and small-group reading lessons. You will also find a teacher toolkit of ways to ‘put it all together’ within the Response to Intervention model using targeted lessons, tiered independent tasks and interactive tools that make strategies accessible to every student.

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With years of experience as a classroom teacher, special education resource teacher, reading specialist and literacy coach to guide her, Margo now enjoys her role as an educational consultant with school districts across the United States and Canada. Margo's books and training are designed to support teachers in developing highly effective, differentiated literacy programs.

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